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“Lay Down My Life” full audio. Written by myself & Carl Martin. (Produced by JR Miller, Yellow Hammer Studios Nashville, TN)

Lyric Video for “Quite A Love” featuring Rudy Z on bass. Produced by JR Yellow Hammer Studio, Nashville, TN. **Update: official music video in pre-production with Gary Higgins from Indianapolis. Stay tuned 😉

SEND ME YOUR SMILE – duet with singer/songwriter Jeff Radi. (Produced by JR Miller, Nashville, TN.)

My music video for PUSH. (First song off “333“, produced by Anton Music Productions.) Video Production by Seguim-Arnold Productions.

Parallel Universe by Dekorah – LIVE – with RudyZ (bass), Mark Nagode(vocals) & Johnny Nagode(guitar), Mike Paulson (percussion).

Moroccan dancer Yagamious‘ interpretation of my song SLIP AWAY (written by myself and Tony Schueller) off 333. Enjoy!

My “COMMERCIAL” for 333. Response has been – My “Jack Black 333 Promo”. HA!! I think ADAM is going to be a famous actor one day! Anyways, I hope you get a kick out of this, for those of you that know the songs on my album 333.

BEAUTIFUL Featuring Rudy Z on Bass.

Featured in the Independent Movie, “New Day”. Dekorah on Vocals / Guitar. Annie Leigh on Guitar. Featuring Rudy Z on Bass. Produced by Dave McCullough.


In the sea of angels
You solidify
Concepts and perceptions
Truth to lies

Oh, you’re so beautiful
So beautiful
But do you know
Do you deceive?

Couldn’t pin a sin on you
If I tried
Courage and ambition
Full of pride

Oh, you’re so beautiful
So beautiful
Do you know
Do you deceive?
What should I believe?

If you knew the answer
Would you
Would you
Would you…
Be right?
Or would it be another lie

Oh, you’re so beautiful
do you deceive…me?

Beautiful © jenn dekorah lee (aka dekorah)