June 17th, 2017. Missing George Michael tonight. Very sad. 🙁 What a voice. Love Love Love this rendition of “I Can’t Make You Love Me”. **sigh** Flawless performance by George. Love all the musicians/singers – what an ensemble. Amazing

December 25th, 2016. One of my very favorite songs by George Michael. XO RIP my lovely.

(another favorite! off “Listen Without Prejudice”)

October 18, 2016. I love the covers Amy Lee has been putting out. Amazing. She is one of my favorite female vocalists – such control over her voice. And 1 of my favorite combinations ever in the song below, female vocals / piano (keys) / cello. Also, Amy has a new children’s album out which is so beautiful. Below is her cover of Portishead It’s a Fire(amazing & haunting), and the original single DREAM TOO MUCH off her new children’s album. Too Cute! She can do anything. Total inspiration.

August 4, 2016. This is a very random, instrumental mix find, but I have been listening to this all summer. Just beautiful. I don’t find these songs sad, as much as I find them reflective & haunting…There are certain chord progressions in some of these songs, that I have found myself using over the years in my originals; so some parts really feel like musical home to me.

July 10, 2016. Yes, I admit it. “High Fidelity” got me back into this timeless Stevie Wonder Hit! Can’t you just sing the chorus All Day Long?

April 9, 2016. Love the Calum Graham (from Candyrat Records) new original guitar composition entitled “The Nomad”.

January 10, 2016. My favorite older song by David Bowie. I’ve been wanting to cover this song for almost 20 years. Bye Bye Bowie, but I know you will be in the Stars. Thank you for making all us weirdo artists feel a little more comfortable in our own weirdo skin, and want to share our Art….you crazy genius moon man. you were never from this planet.

Love this cover of “Life on Mars” I heard back in the 90’s by the artist Anggun. I listened to it non-stop for a while. (Also Love her original “Snow on the Sahara” & have sung that in my set list for many years.)

December 21, 2015. This gave me shivers! My favorite type / style of music to perform, hands down, what thrills me to the bone – in every cell. This is how my heart feels music. Pure acapella, reverberating in an echoing chamber. Infinite sound waves.

August 13, 2015. I was listening to a great, random “chill” mix tonight on youtube, and heard a version of “Save Tonight” that really caught my ear. It was a duet & the girl’s voice was great, but there was something about the guy’s voice that made me look in the info section. I discovered his name was Nick Goldston & found him on youtube & checked out his website. I found an original of his I really liked, and will share it here. He has a really calming & interesting voice & vibe, and the piano/string arrangement in his song, “Taste The Wind” is quite beautiful. The music has a sort of Pink Floyd vibe to me in parts. I can’t describe why, just something I feel in parts. Also he uses some of my favorite chord progressions!

August 3, 2015. Dang, does this girl have an AWESOME powerful rock voice! Wow!

July 5, 2015. Just found this band tonight – Anthem Lights. Their voices are beautiful! And I love their arrangements & particularly this mashup. This is filmed under the pedestrian bridge in Nashville. And just a note, the guy playing guitar is also an outstanding actor. Keep your eye out for him in TV & Film! @AlanPowell10

this one is cool too

March 10, 2015. “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” by Robert Culbertson. What an amazing interpretation! I need one of these Chapman Sticks!!! Holy cats, is it Lovely!

November 23, 2014. “I Had A King.” What a powerful song by Joni Mitchell. Working on arranging an all acappella cover of this, but it’s a bit intimidating. It’s Joni! lol. Plus it’s sad 🙁 Brilliant song on all levels. No one quite like Joni.

November 14, 2014. Listening to some Otis tonight. I got introduced to Otis from my friend & singer songwriter John Paul Spencer – He said Otis was top on his list.

November 9, 2014. I am really digging this Major to Minor music series by Chase Holfelder. I have been following his work for a few months. This kid can sing and arrange, like nobody’s business! His latest Major to Minor remake was released today – “Every Breath You Take” by The Police. Talk about Eerie! Great job, Chase! Hmmmm, now I’m curious as to finding a song I can switch major to minor, or vice versa! Fun , Creative stuff!

October 14, 2014. BEAUTIFUL!! WOW!!

September 28, 2014. Perfection is a Disease. “It’s the Soul that needs the surgery.” I’m not too current on Beyonce, this is the first time I watched this video.

August 2, 2014. I must say, I smiled through this entire video!


June 25, 2014. Mahn & Sista, Sometimes I ah need me some raahhndom chillin mix. . .Bring on the non-structure and let me drift away. “Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there. When the soul lies down in that grass, the world is too full to talk about. Ideas, language, even the phrase “each other” doesn’t make any sense.” -Rumi

June 19, 2014. I Love Me Some Sweet Nina Simone. New musical goal, is to cover this song – but it’s gonna take some work! Cuz can’t disappoint on this song, it’s too good. MM-MMM. It’s a New Dawn, It’s A New Day, It’s a New Life for me….

May 13, 2014. Just so lovely. I really enjoy how all 3 of these beautiful emotional singers blend together. Love seeing LIVE Harmonies with such spot on voices. #NoAutoTuneHere

April 14, 2014. Long day of finishing my taxes, as the TaxMan due date draws nigh. Be listenin’ to Son House, to get me through these numbers.

March 25, 2014. Wow! This blew my mind. Holy Cello Passion! Love the video too, with all the costumes, and the actors’ reactions to that “crazy rockNroll cello music”! What a talented duo – I will be following them to see what they do next! Innovative, Creative & Full of Intensity! Did I mention – TALENTED ? ! ? ! Wo.

February 21, 2014.  I saw a video campaign created by PRO INFIRMIS (an organization for the disabled). The campaign was – “Because Who Is Perfect?” Very powerful. Well the song they used in the background grabbed me from the second I heard it. It’s beautiful and captivating.  “LOST AT SEA” by Dave Thomas Junior.

January 29th, 2014. Listening to Peter Gabriel Performing San Jacinto” With The New Blood Orchestra. I saw him with the New Blood Orchestra at Summerfest (Milwaukee, WI) in 2011, and could barely contain myself.   The beauty of Peter’s songs and his voice combined with such magnificent, exquisitely worked out orchestration took me to a different world. You could hear a pin drop at certain points of his concert.  And oh , you bet, I’ve sung this song at the top of my lungs in my home along with him. To meet Peter Gabriel…to SING with Peter Gabriel….. **sigh ** ~D

January 22, 2014.  My bass player Rudy Z introduced me to this song. It’s a heartbreaking, tear jerker, and so beautiful executed. Can’t say I didn’t shed a tear on this one. We have all had the experience, at one time or another, of desperately needing communication from someone dear to us, and we just were not going to get it.  “Say Something” by A Great Big World with Christina Aguilera.  ~D

“Love never dies a natural death. It dies because we don’t know how to replenish its source. It dies of blindness and errors and betrayals. It dies of illness and wounds; it dies of weariness, of witherings, of tarnishings.” ― Anaïs Nin

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